Welcome to DnnMDesign

The DnnMDesign theme for Dnn uses Bootstrap version 3.3.6. All features of Bootstrap Css, components and javascripts can be used within the skin. 

Google has designed Material Design to make a web more beautiful and more user-friendly. To combine material design and Bootstrap we have used the 'Material Design for Bootstrap' framework (MDB). MDB is powerful Material Design UI KIT that has 300+ material UI elements, 1000+ material icons, 74 CSS animations, as well as multiple built-in color schemes.

MDB is built on top of Bootstrap so that you can leverage all of the Bootstrap goodness but have the look and feel of Material Design.

To find out more about Bootstrap I would suggest you to read up on the framework and become familiar with it to get the best out of the MDesign theme. Click here to go to the official Bootstrap site.

To get to grips with all the MDB goodness, check out their site as well to see what can be achieved. Click here to go to the MDB site.

Theme information

  • done_all Dnn theme created by Geoff Barlow, DnnConsulting.nl
  • done_all Open Source: MIT License
  • done_all Minimum DNN version: 08.00.00+
  • done_all Bootstrap: Bootstrap v3.3.6
  • done_all Material Design fot Bootstrap: Bootstrap v3.3.3
  • done_all Layouts: 5 skin layouts: 
    • doneHome skin
    • doneInner skin (standard skin)
    • done404 skin (for page not found)
    • doneAdmin skin (for admin pages)
    • doneModal skin for popup like the login so that the skin displays correctly on mobile devices
  • done_all Containers: 23, 1 of which are a social container for formatting social buttons in the socialpane of the skin. Simple styling that can be adapted to your own style.
  • done_all Dnn Controlbar: The controlbar of Dnn has been made more mobile friendly by altering the Css. This was taken from a blog post by David Poindexter, blog post found here.


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There are 1000's of color combinations



Easy to customize and make the theme yours



MDesign is responsive right out of the box


Easy to use

MDesign is simple to change to your needs

DnnMDesign for all devices

MDesign with Open Content

DnnConsulting highly recommends the 'Structured Content Editing module', Open Content from SatraBel created by Sacha Trauwaen, a great, free open source module for everyone to use! Open Content allows you to easily create templated functionality like a carousel, cards and Parallax effects without editing any html or Javascript.

DnnConsulting and Satrabel have worked together to create 4 templates for you to use with the DnnMDesign Theme making it easy for you to have functionality that matches the MDesign theme. To see examples of the 4 Open Content templates, click here.

Below is a list of downloads:

  • launchThe Open Content module, download
  • launchMDesign FlipCard template for Open Content, download
  • launchMDesign Parallax template for Open Content, download
  • launchMDesign Carousel template for Open Content, download
  • launchMDesign Cards template for Open Content, download
  • launchMDesign Tabs template for Open Content, download
The MDesign theme is being used on:


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