Todo and wishlist


Although this Dnn theme can be used for websites out-of-the-box, I have plans in the future to improve it.

Below is a list of Todo's and wishes that I would like to do at a future date:

  • add Override the default Dnn styles for forms
  • add Override the default Dnn styles for buttons
  • add Create a skin for social pages of Dnn with styling
  • add Add info on this site for:
    • add Creating an image Carousel
    • add Creating a video Carousel
    • add Creating social buttons
    • add Creating parallax in the skin
  • add Create info/docs for using lists with icons and colors
  • add Create info/docs for Icon size style css
  • add Create new layouts for sections

If you are interested in helping out to add to this project just drop me a line so that we can discuss working to make this project better for the community.